Difference between Narrative Essay vs Descriptive Essay  

Some types of essays are frequently confused as being the same because many people are unaware of their distinction. You can also find help from cheap essay writing service.


In this regard, there are two types of essays that can be perplexing. These are narrative and descriptive essays, but they are vastly different.


A significant distinction between them is that a descriptive essay describes something, such as describing an object, person, or place. And a writer describes it solely through sight, with no other considerations.


For example: ‘I saw her standing on top of the mountain’.


A narrative, on the other hand, includes a description of feelings and thoughts related to their experience within those given circumstances.


For example: 'She looked so strong out there,' 


A description of both essays is provided below to help you clear up any confusion.


Descriptive Essay


When writing a descriptive essay, the writer conjures up vivid images in the minds of their readers. As a result, it is beneficial for them to understand which details from each sense aid in best conveying this image (sight, smell sound, etc).


A good descriptive can:

  • Bring your topic to life.
  • Make it appear as if you're right there with them.
  • Observing every detail that they notice.
  • We were able to hear all of their thoughts as if we were standing right next to them.


Descriptive essays are excellent for conjuring up vivid images in the minds of readers.


Finding ways to bring your subject matter to life is essential for writing an effective descriptive essay. You are not restricted in any way, so use figurative language and sensory details to create a memorable experience. You can hire essay writer free online for help.


Narrative Essay 


A narrative essay is a type of writing that can be personal or fictional in nature. They necessitate that the essay writer online creates an accurate plot and believable characters. As well as dialogue if they have chosen dialogue in the topic sentence of their narrative essay.


The best narratives make readers feel as if it is happening to them as well. When writing this type of essay, it is best to use a first-person perspective.


However, there are some cases where a third-person limited viewpoint may be appropriate. It is determined by how much information you want your reader to have about the character (s).


A narrative essay is an engaging, creative, and interesting writing style that focuses on a single central idea or incident.


All of the incidents in the story revolve around a single motif presented in the narrative.


Follow a linear approach to storytelling when writing a narrative essay. Avoid the approach used in traditional essays, which have plot points laid out in five paragraphs, as taught in school textbooks (e.g., intro point/event; evidence for the main claim). You can also find help from online essay writers by just asking write essay for me.


Giving readers time to reflect on events without getting lost is an excellent form of writing when trying to tell complex stories.


Through dialogue, give readers important information about the characters' backgrounds.


What Is the Difference Between a Narrative and a Descriptive Essay?


The primary distinction between narrative and descriptive essays is that they serve different purposes.


A narrative essay tells a story about a significant event in history, whereas a descriptive essay describes something new or existing for the reader to see, hear, feel, and so on.


When writing narratives, the first person point of view is typically used, but both points of view are considered fair game when it comes to descriptions. Narratives frequently use chronological order as well, whereas when describing someone/thing/place, it doesn't matter what type of order you use because you're just trying to paint them for your readers on paper (or screen). The real distinction is in word count—narratives will be longer than descriptions. You can hire online essay writer and ask to write my essay.


A descriptive essay does not use time or logical order, whereas a narrative essay does. To tell the story, a narrative includes dialogue as well as setting, characters, and plot lines.


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